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PenJet® News Releases

Patent for Mixing Lyophilized (Freeze-Dryed) Drugs in a Needle-Free Injector Granted to PenJet® Corporation

Los Angeles, CA, Dec. 4, 2001 -- A US Patent for mixing a lyophilized (freeze-dryed) drug with a diluent in a needle-less jet injector prior to administration has been granted to PenJet® Corporation, a Los Angeles, CA medical device company, it was announced today. Foreign patents are pending

        “Pharmaceutical manufacturers will now be able to package their innovative lyophilized drugs in a needle-less, single use, inexpensive jet injector,” said Thomas P. Castellano, PenJet® Corporation’s CEO. “Although it has wide applicability for the needle-less delivery of a great many drugs, it is particularly relevant to the increasing number of highly potent, biotechnologically derived proteins that require lyophilization to maintain their required shelf life.”

        The PenJet® needle-less injector is packaged with a lyophilized drug in its integral ampoule along with a reagent (diluent) in a seperate holder. Prior to administering an injection, the user docks the diluent housing to the front of the PenJet® ampoule. The reagent is pushed into the ampoule containing the lyophilized product, liquefying it so it can be injected.

        The PenJet® patented shuttle system allows the two components to be thoroughly mixed by transferring it back and forth a few times. After mixing, the user removes the reagent housing from the end of the PenJet®, and administers a needle-less injection.

        The PenJet® is half the size of a conventional fountain pen and painlessly injects without a needle. It is designed to be prepackaged with a single dose of medication, ready to deploy using its patented self-contained compressed inert gas system. This provides the correct pressure to inject medication without the use of a needle.

        PenJet® Corporation is a private company specializing in drug delivery devices. It has many patents and its principals have licensed medical devices to some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers. It’s website is penjet.com.

Contact: Bob Schumacher, Phone: 310-201-0800, Email: bob@penjet.com